Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wintery Wednesday is cold here....

The temps today didn't get to far above freezing. 

School went sorta quick - we will need to make up our science lesson tomorrow.  I had to get out and drop off the Girl Scout cookie paperwork off to our cookie coordinator.  Since they are calling for ice on Firday - my new found shopping day - I decided to go ahead and grab some groceries. The kiddos each got a notepad and wrote down 5 things each they were responsibile for finding at the store.  I had thought about doing this many times before, but never have.  I am so glad we did - it kept them 'occupied' and not causing trouble while I shopped. They kept up with their lists and put the stuff in the basket and marked it off.  They are also big helpers when we scan and sack things ourselves.

When we got home, the kiddos were off to play horses.  I made up some cookies that I got froma sweet friend's dd.  They are called White Chocolate Snowballs.  Turned out pretty good - Rog loved them.

We had a fire going in the fire place most of the afternoon and evening.  While the kiddos were at AWANA, Rog and I watched some TV, he was playing in a online poker tournament and I was finishing up the last patch on my Girl scout bag.

The kiddos are home and settled now, so I am off to bed - Rog is still in the tourny, so who knows when he will come to bed.

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