Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why I would like to win...

Heart of the Matter's Homeschool Care Package:

Honesty, there are two reasons that I could list that I want to win this package...1. Look at it!  It is full of surprises and goodies...I think I would be ok if a box full of that kind of goodies came to my door! and 2.  Well, come on now - who doesn't like to win stuff???

Ok, that was my honest answer, now I will play serious...Loose leaf binders...we go thru these around here like paper...could always use a few extras...Paint can with number magnets...what better way to sneak in some math when it is fun?...Oxford Index Card with rings...can we say spelling words?....4 posters, well, I can see two of them and while they know one, the other is something that we need to be learning!....small chalk board...once again, fun math or spelling (doesn't seem like as much work when they can do it somewhere besides paper)....easy view reader...not sure what this is, maybe a early reader - well, that is where we are and what we need!....modeling clay, water paint....messes galore!....

Ok, do I need to go on...I am a homeschool mom (tight budget) and any new resources that help make learning fun....I'm in!


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