Friday, January 4, 2008

Today's top tasks...

Like everything, doing the todays tasks is needing some tweaking. I thought 10 was going to be a good number, then I couldn't come up with 10.  Sis came to me at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon and asked where her gs vest was - well, it was on my sewing table needing 16 patches sewn on -by the meeting at 6:30. Well, needless to say -it didn't happen.  I did get 10 on, I had the 11th one on, but it had a weird fold under it and it had to come all the way back off, so I have 6 more to put on there before our activity tonight.  Not sure how much of today's list I will get done.

1. Call about yard.

2. Call about kiddos birthday party.

3. Make errand list for Sat.

4. FD - 0506 into database - this is ongoing entries - I try to add a month at a time.

5. Co-op January lesson plans

6. Thank you note

7. Finish up kiddos chore program (blog and ty)

8.Fold and put away clothes

9.Update wall calendar with Palm

10. Finish sewing patches on GS vest.

11. Awana patches sewn on and Awana bag fixed.


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