Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tiring Tuesday....

Wooo... with Co-op being on Tuesday's, it just wears me out.  We will not be participating in co-op next year.  It is a great program, but doesn't really fit in with our schedule.

We are up and out the door early - really early for people who like to sleep in. We are gone all day, home long enough to fix dinner, clean up and get ready for scouts.

Today was even more so - I had a few errands to run, one of them being picking up my meds.  Well, our insurance changed the beginning of the year and so when I showed to get the meds I had called in Monday morning, they had to re-run them and it would be 30 minutes.  We all came home, mil picked up Sis and Chunky and then Ry and I headed back out.  Took care of one of my GS errands and after sitting in line for 30+ minutes, finally got my very costly meds...UGH!

Off to scouts...I was the only 'planning committe' that showed up, so I sat down with the DenMaster and we planned the Blue and Gold Banquet that is in February.  She gave me a leaders book of sorts, so I am hoping that  I can read thru that and figure out what is going on.

Well, long day and I am to bed...

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