Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday ~

My plans were to get up and go to church, then come home and nap the afternoon away. Rog was going to hang out in the recliner all day and watch football.  None of that happened.

I got up in time to go to church - but was cold and tired, so I ate breakfast, and then went back to bed.  I did read my SS lesson for this next week, so it wasn't a total waste.  Right as I started to drift back to napland, Rog's dad called- he wanted to go ahead and go get the camper at deer camp.  So, he and Ry loaded up and went south for a camper.  They were gone about 5 hours - which considering, not to bad.  While they were gone, mil came over and we scrapped some more.  She was here for a few hours, then she had things to do, so she left.  My sis came by and got me and Sis and we went to my mom's - we raided her photo cabinet - that is full of totes full of odd pictures -she has no rhyme or reason to her photos, so we went thru them and took the ones we wanted (some for ourselves, some to make her a book).  Rog and Ry got there right at dinner time, we had dinner and cleaned up our mess that we made, and played a couple hands of Five Crowns.

So, even though my day didn't go the way it planned, it was still a good day.

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