Monday, January 14, 2008

More than Rubies Monday

I read Heidi's blog the past few Monday's and found this Meme -started by Kris - and have decided I would like to join in.  I am a couple of weeks behind, so I will do two each Monday to catch up with the rest - especially since the first one was a get to know you type post...

More Than Rubies - the first week:

- Give some general info about your family: # of kids and ages (if you feel comfortable giving that info out), # of years as a SAHM, does your husband work at home or outside the home?  We have 7 (almost 8) year old boy/girl twins, I have been home with them since they were 3, before that, I ran the daycare center they went to, so they have always been with me. Hubby is a firefighter 24/48 and on his 48 off, he isntalls carpet.- Do you work in or outside of the home? If so, how many hours per week and what is your schedule like? I bring in a little extra money each week by keeping my nephew, his dad works the same schedule as hubby, so we have him on shift (and any overtime or school) days.


- What helps you get through your week? Do you use a planner or "to-do" list? Are you organized or do you fly by the seat of your pants? I try to be organized, but I really don't know that I am.  I have a fairly new palm that I am trying to us, but I am a list maker and I am used to having that paper.  My goal this year is to switch completely to my palm and not use a paper list or calendar.  As far as cleaning and all - fly by the seat of my pants, but I do have a bit of a schedule for the kiddos schoolwork.

- Do your children help around the house? chores? cooking? If they don't do much, do you wish they did more? Yes, my kiddos do ALOT around here - we have implemented a new point system - I got the idea from Jessica. I will blog more about it here in a bit.

- What do you want to do better? What area of your life is a stumbling block for you? Would you like prayer for a specific thing this week? Like I siad, I like to think I am organized, but there are times that I feel completely out of control of things -and I don't like that feeling (nothing major of course, I understand that, but I should be able to keep my desk clean - right?). Better? I want to get organized and clutterfree and feel like I am in controll of the household things.

Organizing her day:

She also rises while it is yet night, and provides food for her household, and a portion for her maidservants. Proverbs 31:15 NKJV

I bought myself a new bible this weekend - it is New KJV, when I really wanted a KJV, but I wanted a student/study bible as well, and so this one won out. It is The Nelson Study Bible and I think I am going to love it. my footnotes, it says this verse describes her concern for her family, giving of herself to care for her family and servants. 

Today's topic is to share the way you organize your day:

To start off, the kiddos have a list of chores that they are to work on - we have them divided up between morning, afternoon and evening.  They are to do their morning chores after breakfast and then we do school.  Their school work is listed on their chorecharts, so they know what needs to be completed.  This will be the thrid week using these charts and I think they are working great.

My master to-do list is stored in my phone under tasks.  While searching the bloggy world, I came across Today's Top 10 Tasks -I do not remember where I saw this - if you know, please share with me so I can give credit to her.  Anyways, I started listing my top 10 task on my blog - I did it for a day or three, but got away from it.  Sad thing, I like doing that - I like having my list where I could see what I accomplished, so in keeping my master list, I will be adding my top ten to my blog each day.

Another thing that I have started using - yellow legal pads.  Never had them never used them, well, I got a package for Christmas (from my Meme - don't ask!) but I have one sitting on my desk and I have used it to take down quick notes, then marked then off once I took care of them - or got them transfered to the correct place. 

And lastly - the calendar.  Everyone has their favorite, here is my favorite wall calendar.  I have been using this type for about 10 years - and I LOVE it.  And it is soo cheap to boot!  This calendar is the brain of the house - everything goes on this calendar that hangs on my fridge.  The boxes are huge and plenty of room to write.  I have tried color coding it, but it was a lot of trouble.  Maybe when the kiddos are old enough to write on it we will go that route again.  I also have a calendar that I carry with me -yes, it;s paper and yes, I am trying to get rid of it, but..sometimes, I just need to open up a calendar and see what is going on.  Plus, there are things that I write in mine, that don't need to go on the fridge for the world to see.  And of course, all of the things on these two calendars are in my palm phone as well.

There is how I organize my day. So, I am off to let Kris know I am playing this game and I will be posting my top 10 todos here in a sec.


  1. So glad you you shared some of yourself with us! I do love that big calendar and the idea of color coding it ... it is cheap, too!! I hope you'll join us again!


  2. I'm glad to see that you've decided to participate in More Than Rubies Monday. I think it's a great meme and I'm sure we'll all learn alot (about ourselves and others) as we go along......

    I enjoyed reading more about you,



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