Friday, January 25, 2008

Freezey Friday

I got up with Rog this morning when he left (at 5:15) and it was cold, so I went back to bed. It wasn't much longer before Ry was up and stirring, so I went ahead and got up.  I came straight to the den and started a fire - it was a pretty poor fire most of the day, but it did do a little to keep us warm. It is also day 10 for my bag of Amish Friendship Bread, so I started on it ( I keep out one bag for me, then make two batches of it).  Today I made a plain batch and a batch with chocolate chips.

After breakfast, we toted all our school stuff to the den and started school. Nothing like homeschooling, huh?  Sis is doing her reading here by the fire.

School moved quickly - math test, spelling test, reading and two workbook pages, and a reptile idenitfication page in science.  Once the finished thier school and got their laundry put away, they played their all time new favorite game- Turbo Yahtzee.  After a few rounds of the extremely loud game (I was on the phone with my sis who was in downtown LR in the sleet trying to figure out if she should close her office - I was watching the news and weather trying to offer help) they moved on to a makling the entire den floor into a matchbox town. They played cars for quite a while - while I napped in the chair - we were also watching some waterpark show.  Once I turned on Sandblasters they packed up the cars and blocks and grabbed some blankets and we just stayed piled in front of the tv and fire.

Kinda hard to tell, but my puppy -the large brown thing in my lap here - thinks she is a lap dog. She is a bit big to be a lap dog, but she is quite insecure and is almost always right on top of you...if not, she is pretty close.

We had a yummy dinner of chicken and rice along with broccoli - well, Sis had broccoli , Ry doesn't care for it, so he had the leftover bit of green beans.  They were off to play again - they had all the polly pockets set up in a small town - until bedtime.  Ry must have been tired, he didn't argue when I said bedtime, he went right to sleep. I have been laying here, watching tv and blog hopping reading about some other ladies Home Management Binders, as I am trying to get mine back in working order.

Watching the 10o'clock news, State Police worked 93 accidents today - that is not counting the city or county officers...glad we were able to hang out at home today...

Well, the dogs are in the floor beside the bed snoring, so I am going to sign off here and try to sleep myself....

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  1. I enjoy cozy, cuddly days like those - but - I bet it didn't help your aches and pains. --- How wonderful for you to have a fireplace! - I wish we did. - Charity


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