Monday, January 21, 2008

Children's Chore System

Ok, after trying several things, I read on Jessica's blog her reward/point system that she uses.  Reading that gave me an idea, so I incorporated her system into my thoughts and system, and here is what I have come up with.  We started our 4th week today, and it is going well.

I have a list of things that need to be done first thing in the morning (feed dogs, unload dishwasher) that only one person can do - there are plenty to share, so everyone gets their fair share at getting points this way.  There are 10 things in the morning and 5 things at bedtime.  Whoever does this, puts their intial by the chore - it is made up on small poster board in chart form. 

Then, they each have a list of things that I expect from them during the day (bed made, teeth brushed, school work-listed individually, chores that they can do and even attitude issues).  There are 25 things on thier individual lists - so they each have the oppurtunity to get at least 25 points, plus however many of the 15 they want.

After we figured the lists out, we went over some 'rewards'.  Now, Jessica has big rewards on her system, but we didn't go that big.  We let them pick out some things that they wanted as rewards, then assigned a point value to them.

Like with Jessica - they are responisble for adding thier points at the end of the day, end of the week and keeping a running total - of points they have earned and points they have used. (A little reinforcement on math here!).

We started this the first week of January, and they are still going strong with it.  It did help that we did a major overhaul cleaning on each of their rooms and I have been really riding them about keeping them clean.

Thanks Jessica for sparking the idea in me...

Anyone have any questions - just ask!  I will gladly answer them, maybe this can be a spark for something that works at your house.


  1. Hope you find something that works --- time and time again - my kids have asked for an "allowance" for doing chores - and we have gone back and forth. We gave one for a while and then didn't - so on and so forth...

    We finally came to the conclusion that if "Mama DOES NOT get paid" - the children wouldn't either.

    Something that has worked is NO fun activities what so ever if all the chores are not done.

    Blessings - Charity

  2. I look back and wish I had taken the time to implement points/rewards when the older two were younger. I think it would've enhanced their organational skills.

    Thinking of you this morning ~



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