Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday ~

Today was a FULL day!

I had a rhuemetologist appointment first thing this morning, I took the kiddos because my mom's appointment was right before mine, so she was taking them from there, BUT when she got out, they called me back and she still had to do labs.  We left the kiddos sitting in the waiting room, which was right outside the lab door. They did pretty good...the nurses and receptionist carried on quite a conversation with them and kept them from getting to bored.

I told Dr. C what all was going on with me and he was ready to try a few things.  One, he gave me a steroid injection, it hurt, I hope it works!  And he also put me on the new med for Fybro. He said, let's try this and if it works, we will know what we are dealing with and if it don't we will try another route!  I hate that he may be thinking Fybro, mainly because I don't know much about it, but it can't help my Lupus any.

I left there and went to my aunt's florist and hung out there for a while...I addressed some Christmas cards and had a bit of lunch.  Then, it was off to the dentist for 4 fillings...yes, I fight a losing battle with the cavaity monster...every cleaning (every 6 months) I have to go back the next week or so for at last 1 filling.  For some reason, this really hurt...I am usually ok, as much as I have been through with my mouth, but for some reason..this was uncomfortable while I was there and is still hurting pretty bad.

Home for a quick dinner, then off to Girl Scouts.

I thought I had something easy and fun picked out for the girls to do. In one of the Try-It's that they earn, one of the things they need  to try is Origami...I thought that would be something easy for them to do...I was WRONG!  Me and two of the other moms spent the entire evening helping them each make one thing...and they were pretty sad looking...Oh well, the object of the Try-It badges are to 'try-it' and they did!

I have had a terribly long day...I am off to bed!

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