Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Rog is at the station today, so he left early.  The kiddos stayed with my mom last night, so they were gone.  The dogs were being lazy, so I joined them - and slept until about 9:30 this morning...I needed that!!

Today was a truly lazy day - I have spent most of it at here at the computer - I finally figured out how to Sync my phone to my pc, but for some reason, it won't sync my outlook calendar with my phone calendar.  I have been using google calendar (because I could share with mom and sis and mil) but we have all agreed that we are not using it this year - just gonna have to remind each other what is going on...I am trying to get away from a paper calendar and use my phone only, but I don't know how that is going to work.

I have also been doing some data entry for the fd.  I have a stack of stuff I need to get entered, but it is slow going - it is very low on my priority list -like even below random blogging - but I need to get it moved up and really work on it - so it will be done!

The kiddos came home and rode their new scooters for a while - it is nice out, a little cool, but nice...

We had a wedding to attend this evening - it was a few towns over - about an hour away - we rode with mom and dad. It was a nice ceremony - my Sis and I were supposed to help serve, and even though there was TONS of food - all we really had to do was serve up a few glasses of punch.  P was a happy bride  -she was a bit nervous during the ceremony - he stepdad was the minister, and he is a jokester, so I can see why, but once it was all over, she relaxed and I think she had a great evening.


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