Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our Night at the Museum - as well as the rest of the weekend...

Ok, so we went out Friday night with MIL, and she took the kiddos home for the night.  I came home, took my sleeping meds and crashed - for a while - then I tossed and turned and tried to go back to sleep - no avail - I had a very restless Friday night.

I get up Sat morning - bags are packed - and wait for MIL to call.  We meet up and head down to deer camp to meet up with Rog and FIL.  Opening day is also the club's family cook out and annual meeting. They are all just hanging out at the campsite when we get there, so we turned on the Razorback game and listened to it, hung out, the kiddos played and we ate lunch. Ry and FIL load up the 4wheeler and head out to his stand.  Rog takes me and Sis back down to the gate - they keep it locked, so he had to let us out.

Sis and I head to Hot Springs to Mid-America Science Museum for a Girl Scout camp out at the museum!  We had soo much fun!!  We got there a bit early, but the wait was worth it.  We were served pizza for dinner, and they went over the rules and evenings activities with us, then we got to start on the evening. We got to see the Caged Lightening demonstration - the Tesla Coil - and learned a few things about Tesla;then the Van de Graff machine - we had our hair in braids, so it didn't work with us.  After that, we went to the Laser Light show - it was awesome - very patriotic!  From there, we went to the ride simulator - we got to ride the cosmic coaster -that was pretty fun! They have a section called Underground Arkansas, that was a fake cave with tunnels, bridges and slides.  After that we did a couple of  'Good Vibrations' crafts - since that is the theme at the museum right now. From there, we had free run of the museum until lights out at 10pm. 

Sleeping on the floor just about killed me...I was hurting all over Sunday morning...mainly my ribs from sleeping on my tummy...on the hard floor!  We left the museum by 8 am Sunday, drove the 2 hours home and crashed!

MEANWHILE ~ back at deer camp ~ Rog let us out and went back to gear up for an afternoon of hunting.  He took MIL to FIL and got Ry and then went to his own stand.  FIL left them for some reason and a big buck came upon them..MIL shot at it, then called Rog and FIL, while they were both looking for it, she shot a killed a doe - the gun kicked and cut her forehead pretty bad.  They never found the buck, but took the doe back to camp and turns out it didn't weigh enough - camp rules, not Game and Fish, so MIL has to pay a fine. All of this was going on, Rog best friend comes back in with a buck - also not big enough by camp standards - so he has to pay a fine. Sunday morning, Rog and Ry go out to the stand and shot a doe.  He gets back with it, and what do ya know - it is also smaller than camp regs, so he has a fine to pay as well.  Rog was bummed about it, but to me, it was worth it because Ry was there and this was his first time to be out and kill one, so the memory for Ry was worth it.

Sis and I slept on and off all day on Sunday, Ry got home just in time to go eat at my parents.

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