Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blogger Friend School Assignement #8

Hmm…How many are thinking what is this assignment going to be? My laundry or something hidden deep within that you haven’t shared? Let me end the suspense and say BOTH! Keep in mind that these assignments are meant to stretch you and encourage you to creatively blog.

Part A - Share about your family’s laundry. Where is it kept? Who does it? How does your family sort it? Do you wash by hand? Hang clothes on the clothesline? Make your own laundry soap? How often do you do laundry? How many loads each day/week? Indoor laundry room, in the garage, or laundry mat? Even more fun…share a picture!

Part B - Do you have an area in your life that you know that the Lord is tugging at some heart strings that needs to be cleaned up? Have a testimony of your past struggle(s) that might help another homeschooling mom? Share a piece of your heart (dirty laundry) that you are seeking a good washing or how it got cleaned up. Sharing with one another is a great way to have your post feel human and real.

Part C - FIND a scripture this week that pertains to this assignment to help you with your laundry and share it this week.

PART A - We have a small laundry room off of our family room.  The kiddos are to put all dirty clothes there.  I am the one who ususally does the laundry, but that is something that we have been teaching the kiddos - they are starting to learn how to work the machines. Sorting - we used to do that, but now, unless someone has a new red shirt, I start a load everynight - of what ever fits in the machine -whites, darks, towels - it all goes in together.  I do not wash by hand, but we do have a line that I used -until the playful pup came along, I don't use it in the winter and not as muchsince the new puppy thinks that I have things there for her pleasure.  I have made my own soap before, but I am a bit spoiled to liquid - I like seeing the bubbles, that way I know my stuff is getting clean!  I do about 1 load per day...start it at night, then start the dryer in the morning, fold it and put it away.

PART B - Not sure if this is what the assignement is looking for, but here goes... I am HORRIBLE about quiet prayer time, and in addition to me not having quiet study time, we have really gotten out of going to church on a regular basis.  These are two areas that really needs to be 'cleaned' in my life.

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