Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well, Sis and I were set to be alone most of the day - Rog was at deer camp and Ry was with Gramma - Sis had a party to go to -it was a Bratz party and Ry didn't think he wanted to attend.  We ended up getting up and going with my mom for breakfast and then meeting my aunt.  We went to visit my great aunt who is in a nursing home.  She is there on short term basis - mainly for rehab.  She is newly diagnoised with Ovarian Cancer and her first round of Chemo really knocked her for a loop.  They are working on her getting stronger so she can finish up a few more rounds of chemo and maybe even strong enough for surgery to remove a tumor once chemo starts to work on it and makes it more defined.  Aunt G seemed to be feeling ok, she was a little snappy and not the normal cheerful aunt that I am used to, so that was hard.  On a good note, her son and grandson were in town and there so I got to see them (he is my momma's cousin and one of my favortie realtives) they live in another state now, so we rarely see them.

After we returned from the nursing home, we went to the bday party.  It was a little girl who is homeschooled and ended up being mostly homeschoolers there.  They all had fun.  We met Rog and Ry back at home and went to my mom's for dinner.  We were home early and all in bed and asleep by 9:00.

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