Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday ~

As if we didn't have enough going on right now, we had two different field trips planned for today.  Girl Scouts met at Petit Jean Mountain for a Ready, Set, Go Camping activity.  I thought it was going to be a 'fun activity', but it turns out, she earns a Try-It for it.  We headed out early - I had to wake them up - and we drove for over and hour and then Sis said she doesn't feel well and proceeded to get sick all over the back of the car. We got her cleaned up, she said she was wanting to go, so we went ahead.  She did seem to feel better afterwards.  I am not sure which Try-It she earned, I haven't had a chance to look yet, but they did a sleeping bag relay, learned how handy a bandana can be, learned how to sound like an approaching storm, were taught a few knots with some purple rope, went on a 'scent hike', and got to see a trantula and 2 snakes (that belonged to the park office).  Since it was a GS activity and they frown at tagalongs, my mil went with us and she and Ry hiked 3 different trails.  They came back thru and picked us up then we went to the grave site and overlook for a few minutes.

We left Petit Jean and headed to the Heifer Ranch where we had a Boy Scout trip. We had a picnic lunch and toured the ranch. It was pretty neat - I had never been there before, so I am glad I got a chance to go.  We will not be changing any plans or going out of our way to go back, but I am glad we did go...maybe when the kiddos are older and understand more.

We got back to town about 4:30, mil dropped me at the hopsital and she took the kiddos home with her.  When I got up to Aunt D's room, Chele was the only one there besides Uncle K and K.  I guess I had this 'where is everyone' look on my face. Chele told me they took my meme to the hospital in pain.  This is time number 2 in a week.  The first ER said she was fine and sent her home. This ER doc decided to keep her for pain managment and admitted her.  So, my mom and dad as well as a few other who have been there with Aunt D were over at the other hopsital with meme.   Chele and I sat with K and Uncle K for the afternoon.  Talking with them, being quiet with them, laughing with them and crying with them.  Chele and I offered several times to leave the room and let them have some time, but they insisted we stay.  At about 6:15, the 4 of us stood at her bedside with 2 nurses and watched her take her last breath.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but I know I was right where I needed to be at the time.  After talking about what had happened as far as timing goes - we all decided that everyone was where they needed to be.  My mom was very upset that she was not there, but in the end, she was where she needed to be.  We stayed at the hopsital with my uncle and cousin until they were ready to leave.  K told Unlce K, we can leave or we can stay - whatever you need to do just let me know.  Uncle K said, well I don't see how we're accomplishing anything sitting here, so I guess we can go.

By this time, they had meme in a room and my aunt J had told the nurses what was going on  - Aunt D was meme's baby sister - so they bent the rules a bit and we all went to her room to be with her.  She was pretty upset - knowing that she was laying there in pain and there was nothing she could do, and knowing that she probably wouldn't make it to her funeral.  After a while with about 15 of us in there, she seemed to be ok.  Well, as good as she could in given circumstances.

Rog was at the station, my mil had said she would keep the kiddos overnight, so I went with a few of them to eat dinner at 9 o'clock.

On the way to dinner, Rog called- there had been a bad wreck in Little Rock and one of our local volunteers from out here had stopped to help.  His son was in the car and his car got hit once.  They all went to move the child, and as they were finishing up moving him, the car got him a second time and totally crushed it.  It knocked the 2 paid firefighters ad the child away from the wall and caused the child to have a bump on his head and a bronken leg.  The car crushed into our ff firend and caused fractures in both of his legs - one was his ankle and foot and the other was a bit higher on his leg.

I was exhausted by the time I got into bed....

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