Wednesday, September 19, 2007


WOW!! What a day.  Rog got up and went to work, the kiddos and I got up and started on school.  We worked all day - finally about 2:30, we finished up and I started on chores.  I heard our fire department get called out, but didn't think anything of it, then Rog called and said they were headed this way because the guy he works with - his wife was in the neighborhood where the fire was and she called him and told him it was bad.  I told the kiddos to get shoes on and let's go.  When we walked out the door, black smoke filled the air.  I always grab my camera when we get a call (I have been dubbed the official photographer by the guys - they seem to like seeing themselves in action). Well, when I got there, at 3:15, the house that was on fire was pretty much gone.  The kiddos and I got as close as safety would allow and got some pictures, and then we ran back to the station to grab some water and cool towels for the guys who were coming out of the house. By this time Rog was there - he was the first to go in the house - so we stayed on, helping where we could - I talked a lot with the home owner and helped him with some stuff. My mil showed up and informed me that the kiddos had AWANA and I realized it was 5:45, so she took them home and got them ready for AWANA and then came back to help.  The final truck went back in service at almost 8pm and I was on sceen the whole time. When I finally got home and hit the bed, I just crashed...the afternoon completely drained me....

I did get some god pictures, the guys loved them, but I wouldn't feel right posting them on here...

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