Friday, August 17, 2007

The Story About Ping

Here are this week's addition to our passport books.


Ping page 1: The story disk, her fortune out of one of the cookies she ate this week, the pcture of the book cover along with the title and author, China's flag and the map of China  -complete with the Yangtze River and the Great Wall.

 Ping page 2: Her picture of a duck that is 'bottom's up' to go along with the poem The Duck by Ogden Nash, an envelope containing a Ping sequencing game.

Ping page 3: Our sink or float record - partially covere by the detailed narration from her - below.

 Ping page 4: Ripples in the water picture, chinese numbers and reflection picture.The Story About Ping

Once upon a time there was a little duck names Ping and one day whenever the owner called and said la la la lei he was wrong side up whenever he got side up the last of his 42 cousins were over the bridge. He went right into the grass and hid there and he went to sleep with his beak tucked under his wing. The next day he woke up, he saw there was no one to go fishing with him. He was going to look for them there were big boats, little boats, fishing boats, house boats and he didn’t know what boat was his. He saw black birds with silver rings around their necks. He went underwater to catch a fish and whenever he came back up there were rice cakes crumbs and he followed them. There was a little boy with a barrel on his back with a rope tied up. The little boy brung him onto the boat and his mother said we will cook him for dinner at sunset with rice. The father put a barrel on him it was getting darker and darker, he heard footsteps and then the little boy lifted him up fastly and slipped him over the edge and whenever he got out, Ping head la la la lei and he saw his family and he went rushing to it and then he was the last on the bridge and spank on his back. The End. By Samantha


Ping page 1: Story disk, map of China, flag of China, chinese numbers chart, title, author, an book cover.

 Ping page 2: A 'bottom's up' duck to go along with the poem by Ogden Nash, and his envelope of sequencing game. 

Ping page 3: Sink/float chart and his detailed narration of the story -below.

Ping page 4: Reflection picture and ripples picture.The Story About Ping

Once upon a time there was a beautiful yellow duck named Ping. One by one they marched down a little bridge off the wide eyed boat which was their little home which floats on the Yangtze River. One day their master called la la la lei and Ping was wrong side up and by the time he got to the shore, all of his 42 cousins were up the little bridge and he hid behind the grass and watched the boat floating down the Yangtze River. The next morning he woke up and no one to be saw. So he went out into the Yangtze River to find the little brown boat with wide eyes which was his home on the Yangtze River. He saw the little black birds with tight metal rings on their necks so they would not swallow the fish they were catching. He went under the yellow wasters to get past the birds and saw little crumbs of rice cake and as he was eating the crumbs he got closer and closer then splash came a little boy into the water. Ping started to quack. The father, mother, sister, and brother came running to the edge of the boat and pulled the boy up from the water.  The mother said I will cook him with rice for dinner at sunset. The boy said no my duck is too beautiful to be eaten. The dad put a basket on ping and all her could see was he cracks. The little boy quietly came up to the basket and lifted it and let Ping go. Ping heard the noise la la la lei he got closer and closer to the shore. As he got closer, he knew he was late again, but here he went up the bridge to the wide eyed boat and spank on his back and he was with his mother, father, 11 aunts, 7 uncles, 2 sisters, 3 brothers and 42 cousins safe on the boat.  The End. By Riley.


  1. And, Christa, of course I must ask you-- did you create the Chinese numbers thingy?

    If you did....can HSS have a copy? :o)

  2. Isn't notebooking fun? I don't even know what we did without notebooking, because it has changed our whole homeschool experience. Thanks for sharing your pics Christa. The kiddos did a great job with the story of Ping :-)

    <>< Kelly

  3. Hi Christa~

    The kids did a great job w/ their notebooks....we read Ping awhile ago.....

    Thanks for visiting my Xanga blog.....I will post the link to the cake recipe at TGR.....

    Loved the Hummer pics...

    Have a great weekend~Karen


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