Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our week with Madeline....

MONDAY ~ We located France on our big map and placed the story disk on.  They were surprised to see how close it was to Italy - where we visited Nino a couple of weeks ago.  We colored an Eiffel Tower from papertoys that we are just going to use one side of for our passports.  We colored the map of France and the flag of France for our passport books also.  I started cutting on another paper Eiffel Tower that we are going to put together on Friday (if I get all of the pieces cut out in time - I thought it would be fun....but it is work for mom--- oh well, if the kiddos learn from it, that is what counts right?) As we read the book, talked about the past in relation to the story - the old furnace, and a few others.  We also talked about ways to show compassion.

TUESDAY ~ Today I had 12 little (paper) girls for them to practice grouping and dividing.  We discussed relative sizes as we read the story.  They learned what symmetrical and assymetrical were and of course, we made the fold in half and squish painting. I also had a square Madeline paper cut-off project that they did and have played with all week.

WEDNESDAY ~ The kiddos used several shades of orange (Ry) ad pinks (Sis) crayons to draw a monochromatic picture. We talked about the different pictures thru the book - some were full of color, some only had one color.

THURSDAY~ Thankfully, today with Madeline was just a bit of discussion - the poetry form of it and the repetition.  We were able to do that as we had an unplanned visit to the doctor's office this morning. SIs has swimmer's ear, and she is suddenly ok after the first few drops.

FRIDAY~ After working on cutting out Eiffel Tower parts all week, we did get to put it together.  It was a bit of a pain to put together, because I am not a stickler for details, and this is detailed, but it wasn't to bad.  Sis thought it was great - she said now her little people (she has some mini polly pockets that she LOVES!) can visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower.  They are about the perfect size. We also made some germ finger-puppets, made a Dr. Bag and filled in the insides of a blank human body.

*Papertoys is really cool!!  They have tons of paper projects to cut out an glue together!!

*Pictures of the book and the Eiffel Tower will be here soon!

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