Saturday, July 14, 2007

What a day!!

WOW!!  Saturday was definatly a full day!!  I got up when Rog left to go to work (at 6:00) and did my chores, made some cinnamon rolls (I will have to post the recipe for them - they are pretty good!)  My MIL and chunky (my nephew) came over - we were going to scrapbook.  She has just decided that she wanted to do something for Chunky, so I told her I would help her get started -since Rog had to work today, we decided that we would spend the day at the table - scrapping!!

We started about 9:00 am, and were going pretty good - she had done several pages and I had knocked out a few as well, then the fire department pager went off.  I ran to grab it, just to see what was going on, and our fire department was being called out for a structure fire.  Now, we get called out on occasion for a structure fire, and more times than not, it ends up being nothing.  They called out the address (a block over from me) and after it sunk in, we got up and looked out the window, and sure enough - there was a house on fire!!  We grabbed the 3 kiddos up and took off over there (I grabbed my camera as well).  We got there right as the first run truck came in, and mil helped them get the hose off the truck.  I took a few pictures, but was mainly trying to stay with the kiddos and keep them out of the way.  Chunky's dad works on the ambulance, and they were not far behind the fire trucks.  Mil and bil helped the truck get the line started at the hydrant.  The kiddos got to see the truck come down the street (at a rather fast rate) dropping hose off the back - also called laying a line. After the 2nd truck got the line laid, we crossed over so the kiddos could see better - I continued to take pictures.  After a while, mil, the kiddos and I drove down to the station to get water and cold wet towels for the guys - they were hot.  We spent some time serving the guys ice water, and helped a bit with clean-up, then we had to go - the kiddos were SO GOOD!!  while they waited and watched from across the street, but they were getting hungry (it was 1:00 after all).

We took the kiddos out for lunch, then we had to stop by Hobby Lobby on the way back thru to double check the stock of scrapping supplies!  Once we get home, and try to get started again, word got out that I had a camera on the scene.  I talked to several of the firefighters and a couple even stopped by to see them.  I had to stop my scrapping and download the pics to the computer, and then to our photobucket and let everyone know where to see them.  I would share some here, but due to the fact that is was someone's house and the very identifying marks/words on the equipment of my actul whereabouts, I will not be sharing them - even though they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Once I finally got all the guys taken care of (the brotherhood of the firefighters extends to the family as well) we got back to work on our books. We worked up until dinner time, and fil brought pizza over. We ate, then sent all the kiddos with him.  Mil stayed until almost 10:00 and once she left, I decided to go ahead and finish our Myrtle Beach trip book.  It is almost 1:30am, and I am finished with it!!! WooHOO!

I am extremely tired and pretty sore as well - I did alot of running today, and it is really hard to sit in a chair for an extended time -so I am taking a sleeping pill, and off to bed - IF I wake up in time to get ready and head to church, then after that I will spend the day cleaning. IF I do not get up in time to make it to church, then I guess I will jst clean house!

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  1. What an exciting eventful day! My kids would have LOVED to see firefighters in action like that.

    Would you like to share your cinnamon roll recipe on my recipe exchange blog? I would love to put it on there! The address is



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