Monday, July 30, 2007

Must be doing something right...

This morning, Ry got up at his normal 'before the sun' hour, and had breakfast and waited patiently on Sis to wake up.  She is a late sleeper, and like her momma - enjoys her sleep!! 

When she finally woke, Ry was so excited that she was up, he asked her what she wanted for breakfast, and he fixed it for her.  It was a bowl of cereal and a big glass of milk, but he made her sit and wait for him to fix it, and he served it to her.

After breakfast, they were off to play...

*I need to add that they are always together, most of the time alone, and this weekend, she went to mil's and he went to my sis'.  They were apart Friday night, and most of Saturday.  Then, Saturday night, she stayed at Gramma's again and he came home for church.  They were with Em all day on Fri and all day on Sun, so they are playing nicely together today and pretty happy to see each other.

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