Monday, July 2, 2007

Aww Homeschool eStore is wonderful!!!

Ok, so when they decided to offer all of the titles again due to the craziness on Mother's Day - I was excited!! Ihad downloaded most of the ones I wanted that day, but there were still a couple that I would have liked to have.  When they announced the day - I was pretty sad -we were leaving the 24th and would be gone thru the 28th - I knew I was going to miss the ones that I was hoping for, but I let it go...I had decided that I really didn't need the ones that I wasn't going to be able to get.  I pop on there today to see their fianl freebie and lo and behold - THEY ARE OFFERING ALL 26 TITLES AGAIN!!!


So, if you missed any the first few times around, stop by there today and load up on the titles!!


Also, if you want to leave a thank you comment - you can do it here (I have a freind at eStore) or you can pop over to her blog and leave one there - Leah!




Oh, and while your there, check out this week's freebie!!

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