Friday, June 15, 2007

Week in review -

Whew - we have had a busy week!!  I think I proved a great point about going to school - I think it will be a while before they ask again.  It was rough on both of them getting up early everyday to have Ry out at camp by 8:30.  He had a blast - earned belt loops for badmiton, flag football, ultimate and volleyball. He got many of the steps to his requirements from his Wolf book marked off (that is his book for this next year - they were given to them at the bridging ceremony the end of May and told they could get started on them.  He also got his belt loop for BB guns and archery - as well as qualifying for Jr. Shooters Club for 2007!!  Ry got to climb a rock wall, took a nature hike, and play tons of games as well as make many crafts.  All in all he had a great time!

Sis and I hit a few library story times. We got to see a Magic/Balloon Show, and go thru the Smoke House that is sponsored by Arkansas Children's Hospital  She also got to go to work wth my mom, and spend the day with her Uncle Rob. My neice came over and played with her one day also.

The highlight of the kiddos week was going to Wild River Country. They had so much fun, but it was just the icing on their 'I-am-so-tired-I-cannot-stand-up' cake. We had them in bed by 7:30 and we were headed to bed at 8:00.

That is when the arrow landed in the bathroom window.Yep, you heard me right.  We were in the bedroom and heard a crash. Rog thought the blind in our bathroom window fell.  I thought we were being egged (I even looked out the window to see if someone was driving by). We went thru the house - looking to make sure nothing had fallen or shifted, then went out the side door.  We walked around to the front and there was an arrow sticking out of the bathroom window.  I said - oh my - there is an arrow in our window - Rog was like- yep I am seeing that.   came in and grabbed the phone -Rog grabbed his keys to go to the house where it came from.  By the time I had the 911 operator on the phone, the owner of the arrow had arrived.  I kindly apologized for bothering the 911 and told them that I thought we were ok after all.  Turns out it was a guy we used to run around with.  He runs a business here in the neighrborhood, and I *think* he is good for his word and will take care of things first thing Monday morning.  After he left, we got it cleaned up and taped up - it is in the bathtub - and headed back to bed, we decided that we should file a report on it - just in case. So we called the cops non-emergency number and they sent someone right out - he wrote up a report and gave us the proper paper work and was on his way.  I will put a picture of it here tomorrow.

So, now that I was totally exhausted and was going to bed at 8:00 and it is now 10:00 - I am off to bed - there will be garage sales calling in the morning!!

Oh, by the way - we got another box today!!!  Our MathUSee is here!!


  1. Oh, I know what you mean. VBS always kicks my kids butts every year! Being out of the house by 8:30--oh the horrors! LOL

    Thanks for the suggestion about stopping my bloody noses...Not sure if I'll try that (I'm sure my son would NOT let me use his pocket knife for that! LOL)...stopping them isn't actually the problem. I'd like to find out how to get them from stopping in the first place!

  2. Christa that is scary about the arrow sis! Oh my goodness! What was that guy thinkin? Was he out hunting and the arrow accidentally went into the neighborhood, or was he just out "arrowing" houses. There is just something not quite right there, so I am glad you filed a report. What a week you have had indeed :-) Whew . . .

    <>< Kelly


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