Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Catching up...

Ok, first -I forgot to mention on Friday that Rog got his holiday check, which is a bonus type check that he gets twice a year, and I ordered all of our curriculum for next year - I didn't think I was going to be able to swing it with my half of the check - Rog gets half to pay his deer lease with- but Rainbow Resorces offers free shipping fr orders over $150 - so I ordered right at that from there and got free shippping. I didn't realize it until after I had ordered from a couple of other places, so I did lose a bit this year, but it won't happen again (I ususally get all my stuff at the confrence, but since I didn't go this year, I had to go this route).  I have already gotten 2 emails saying that some of it was on the way - and it was from 2 of the 3 that were not RR, so half of my orders are already on thier way!!  I spent last week printing off calendars and getting my lesson plan book ready, so now when as the stuff starts coming in, I can start planning it right away! I already had a couple of things we are using this next year, so they are in the book already and I am working on planning my FIAR weeks out (I use the nights that Rog is at the station- after the kiddos go to bed to plan). He is working a full weekend July 7-8, so I am hoping that if I am not completely planned by then, that I can use that time to finish up. Yes, I know many of you are fly-by-the-seat types, and some of you only plan out a few weeks at a time, but I plan our full year out -in pencil of course - ahead of time - I ahve found that if I don't, then once I get done with the first bit I have planned, I never find the time again and usually end up winging it - and I am not like that!!  Makes me stressed and nervous.

We were all pretty tired after our swimming adventure Saturday, but the kiddos were both up at 7:30 - we were going to skip church and let them sleep, but since they got up, we went on as normal - until the power went out.  I turned the oven on to start breakfast and we heard a transformer blow and our lights went out.  Well, since they didn't come back on til 9:00 - we didn't make it to church. We did sit out on the swing in the morning and finish one of our summer reading challenge books and start a second one! We hung out at the house and were lazy all day - my sis brought some clothes over and she was headed to mom's so the kiddos went with her.  We all ended up at mom's for dinner.

Samantha ended up staying at mom's, but Monday morning came bright and early for Ry -his first day of Boy Scout Day Camp.  He got up and helped me fix his lunch and canteen, he ate a pretty good breakfast and was ready to go.  We got there kinda early - I wasn't completely sure where I was going - and we waited for someone we recognized to show up - finally Miss Trish  and Sean (Ry's best friend and a really good friend of mine -who also happens to be the den leaders wife) showed and once they started getting some organization going, Ry let me leave.  I wasn't to worried about leaving him.  I am fortunate enough to have a friend who has the same values/outlook on life that we do and I trust my kiddos completely with Trish.  He was a bit hesistant, but he went on.  I ran and grabbed a few groceries and then home to unload and I grabbed Hershey (the new pup) and we went to my mom's work to pick up Sis.  Her ad I hung out here - she had a picnic in the floor of her room for lunch -she got to watch tv while eating - she was pretty mad that Ry was using his lunch box- you know, they never use them! So that was her way of getting to use her box. We took a bit of a nap before time to go get Ry.  He was wore out and hungry- he didn't eat much of his lunch, and he didn't drink much of his water from his canteen.  After I fussed at him about drinking, he told me they did have gatorade for them and he drank alot of it.  He got to shot BB Guns, and they also went to Archery.  He came home with a craft of a leather name tag attatched to his belt - with a string of beads he needed me to attatch to that - not sure what the meaning of all of it was - but there were 5 holes in the tag, so I am thinking the beads were for actvities that he had done.  Like I said - he was pretty tired, he aske for dinner, ate a really good dinner, took a bath, and got jammies on and went to bed with out much prompting.  Hmmm....we may be getting up at 6:30 everyday!!

Well, since it is 6:15 and I need to get them up here in a sec, I need to go jump in the shower!  Have a blessed day!

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  1. You've been a busy beaver Christa - WOW! I applaud your foresight on preparing for next year. I usually do the same, however you have me beat hands down on organization. What an inspiration you are :-)


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