Friday, April 27, 2007

Not like I had planned...

Well, I woke up to an empty house this morning - Rog left at 6 for the station and the kiddos were at my mom's.  I spent some time cleaning this morning. My nephew Chunky)came over about 11, the kiddos came home about 12:30.  They were al supposed to go with my mil when she picked up Chunky, at 3. I was going to finish cleaning and then take a nice long bath and then spend a quiet evening (weekend really - Rog will be home in the morning to get Ry so they can go camping - Sis was going to spend the weekend with gramma)  doing absolutely nothing. In a clean house. 

Well, at 2, when I asked them to come in and clean up, they both decided they were staying home.  I think Ry was afraid he would be left if he went. And Sis didn't want me to be alone.  So, I didn't get the house clean...and I had to make dinner...and they had a blast playing in the tub together!!

I am not sure what Sis will want to do tomorrow after the boys leave, so I guess my quiet weekend will have to wait until another time.

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  1. Christa I am so sorry that your restful weekend has to be canceled. Awwww. Too bad we don't live closer, cause I would take you with me "fonduing" tonight - YUM. :-) That is the hard part about being cyber friends and not getting to hug your neck in real person mode. Oh if only there was a button on this darn computer that I could push. (LOL).

    Love you,

    <>< Kelly


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