Monday, April 30, 2007

Devotion ~ You Look Like God

You Look lIke God!

Passage:Genesis 1:26-31

A mother tends to define herself mostly easily in terms of externals. I am what I do. I am what others need me to be. I am what I accomplish.

While these descriptions are true, they are incomplete. They overlook the vital fact that we made, inside and out, by God. We are shaped after His image.

When we gaze into the mirror of God's Word, we find that God has stamped on our being a reflection of His character, His essence, His being. That is not to say we are mini-gods in any sense. But just as children reflect the physical, mental and personality traits of their parents and even adopted children share the mannerisms an habits of their adopted families, so we who are fashioned by God manifest elements of His characters in our beings.

Who are you Mom? You are a unique being fashined after the God of the universe -inside and out!

*Taken from Zondervan Mom's Devotional Bible

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