Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday, December 27th

Today was normal errand day, we went to the library and then did a few returns. Rog was off, so he spent the day with us.

I was thinking about our routine, and we go to story time at the library - it is for 3-5 yos, but the kids (for the most part) seem to enjoy it.  Well, the past few weeks, they have not been real thrilled about going (which I understand) so I was trying to decide if we were going to switch libraries.  I really don't want to, because all the librarians know us, know we homeschool and there is just a certain comfort there.  Well, last month, our regular story time lady left, and that was another push out the door.  The one we would switch to is not really closer, but more convient, and we usually end up over by it in the midst of all of our runnings. Well, last week, Miss O was sick, and Miss S who fills in told me that Miss O was switching story time and it was going to be on Tues instead of Wednesday. Well, to me, that was the seal the deal type news I needed to hear, so I told Miss S that we were going to be switching. She was not happy and told me to let Miss K (the lib manager) know that we would be leaving and going to the other. I talked to Miss K for a long time and between the two of us, we came up with an idea.  She talked to Miss O about it and guess what!!!  They are keeping the same time on Wed and it will be a storytime for homeschoolers!!!!   I told Miss K that I would help her get the word out about it!  So - if any of you ladies are in AR, please email me or leave me your addy so I can give you details!!

Once we got home, I finsihed picking up the den (again) and when I am going to bed, the den, kitchen, dining room and our bedroom will all be clean.  The schoolroom/office is pretty picked up, just a few new things that need a new place. I will be spending all day Thursday cleaing the kiddos rooms (they are a wreck!!) and if I have time, going thru some of my things and giving them to ARC ( kinda like the GoodWill, but they pick -up) - they will be by on Friday.

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