Monday, November 6, 2006

School ~ Day 50 - or there abouts...

Ok, after preparing for a trip, then being gone for over and week, then returning from a trip...We are all confused!!  I am sticking with my days as far as what day number we are on (I am counting them for me - we don't have to count them for record purposes) and I guess that I just won't have a detailed daily entry from day 36-49 - I am sure that we did something over the last month to equal 15 days of school - right?  Also, being so turned around as we lesson plans are not matching up right now - my goal is to really buckle down the next few weeks and get caught up so that the week after Thanksgiving work matches what the lesson plans say...I am keeping my book lists for the week like they are, because we are reading thru the books, just not on the weeks that I have said that we are.  My week after Thanksgiving is as week 13 in my lesson plan book and those are the lessons that we are doing those days.  Now, I have to figure out what we need to do between now and then to get caught up. I am just taking care of our basics - phonics, first language lessons, math and history. I am not thrilled with our science -Apologia Botany, so we will not being doing any book science over the next couple of weeks, and I plan to start on the human body when we start week 13.  UGH!!  This is going to be crazy to try and figure this out - remind me next time that I really don't want to go on a vacation!!  Who am I kidding - we are already planning our next cruise!!


Ok, now regardless what my lesson plans say - here is what we did today:

PHONICS ~ Alphabet Island Book 2, lesson 1 - introducing vowels and the short and long sounds.

MATH~ Lesson 8, pages A & B - fill in the blank addition

HISTORY~ Read chapter 6 - The Jewish People, did map work and made our own comic book to go along with the story.

FLL ~ Lesson 21 - talked about proper nouns (our address mainly) and reviewed The Caterpillar and Work - they have The Caterpillar down, and almost are there with Work.


Ok, sorry for the repetious ramblings - I had to get those thoughts out of my head!!  Now, I am off to list all we need to do between now and then and break it down as to how we need to cover it!!




  1. Hi,

    You have the cutest blog. I like your fireman theme. It sounds like you have a very close knit family. It must be a blessing! How do you like teaching twins? I have two sets of girl/boy twins ages 7 and 2 1/2. I enjoy teaching my 7 yos together. One is stronger in math and the other is stronger in reading. It is always nice to meet other twin moms.

    Have a great day!


  2. It will all come together, Christa - You are doing a great job - and you and Rog - really deserved that special time together - so glad you are home, too. - Hugs - Charity


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