Monday, October 2, 2006

Something we are going to do this year:

Operation Christmas Child


I decided that the kiddos and I are going to participate in Operation Christmas Child this year. The drop off week in the second week of November, so we can get started on this now. There is a location that is fairly close to us, but even if it is a drive, it would be worth it! We are going this weekend to get new shoes, so we will have the shoeboxes.  I can start collecting things while we are out on our errand days... I need to go to the dollar store anyways!


Please check out the site and pray about having your children participate this year.


  1. Our church started participating in this project a couple of years ago. We used to do one box as a family and the kids always enjoyed finding things to put in them. Last year I told God if he provided the boxes I would fill them. Somehow, five boxes ended up in our possession and an extra $100. I gave each of the kids $20 to fill one for someone in their age group. It was an excellent project and they absolutely loved it.

  2. Tell everyone what you would do if you were on WifeSwap! What qualities about your family would you want others to share in?

    Enjoy Your Blessings


  3. Nope, not too late at all :) We have an open class.

    I just posted assignment #1 last night and if you have any questions, please let me know.

    Have a wonderful week,


    Training Hearts Mom


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