Thursday, October 5, 2006

Blogger Friend Assignment #1

Hello fellow blogger friends...My name is Christa ~ I am happily married to my firefighting hubby for 10 years (we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this month by going on a cruise!!) We have 6 year old twins - Sis (g) and Ry (b)! They were a suprise to us as not only were they 2 months early - but by the fact that we didn't kow that there were 2 of them!!  Not until after Sis was born did we find Ry!!  We are full force into our first grade year and I am suprised at not only how much they are learning, but me too! I am learning things I never learned in PS - if I was taught some of these things - it wasn't in a way that I remember


Why I blog? Well, not sure how I got here - I think maybe it was Dianna and Kelly who originally got me started, but I absolutely love it!  I love having a place to not only document our days, but to share their learning experiences with friends and family. I also enjoy the friends I have made here - the ones who are like-minded and in 'the same boat' as I am.  I love knowing that if I am having a bad day, I can come here and pour my heart out and someone who has been there will come along and tell me I am not alone, and offer words of encouragement.


As for my dream house.. hmm hard to say...We are pretty happy with where it are- but it funds were unlimited, then I am sure I could think of a few things...

We would have a basement - that would be the 'toy area' and all toys would be down there and I could just shut the door and never see the  We would have a school area - actually more like a library, with unlimited shelves and books. The library would have a table in it so we would have a place for school work. My kitchen would be huge! Lots of cabinet space, nice big stove top with a grill area, double oven (at least!). All of the bedrooms would be a decent size, with each room having its own full bath.  The master bed and bath being huge of course - with a jacuzzi tub!! I would love to have some land, with a nice landscaped backyard, nice large patio with an 'outdoor kitchen setup' and maybe a pool!


  1. Congratulations on your first assignment! Great job :) We share some similarities in our dream home.

    I look forward to learning more from each other.


    Training Hearts Mom

    Oh, if you need help with posting the graphic on your site, let me know via email and I will send you the code to copy/paste.

    **Have a wonderful week!!**

  2. Sounds lovely! Nice to meet you!

  3. I'm just going around and seeing who else is doing the Blogger Friend School. Neat about your twins - not knowing and all. I'll see ya around some more later.


  4. Hello fellow classmate! Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I look forward to getting to know you better.


  5. Hi...just love your blog. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow classmate! ~Holly

  6. I also have b/g twins who are 2 years old. They think they want to start potty training. My grey hairs are popping out. I also have 3 older daughters, ages 13, 11, & 7.

  7. Hello from a fellow blogger school classmate. I'm with you on the jacuzzi. I wouldn't build a dream house without it.

  8. Hello from another BFS classmate. NIce to "meet" you. :)

    ~ Rachelle

  9. I just found it today and all I can say is that you have truly inspired me!


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