Monday, September 18, 2006

School ~ Day 26

We started out the morning by finishing up our pyramids...they were still not dry and I think may have been a flop project....the kidds think they are neat, so I guess that is the point!


PHONICS ~Lesson 21, the Letter O, 2 workboook pages.


FLL ~ Lesson 18 - Proper Nouns, Places, City & State - they practiced writing their city and state several times.  Also, reviewed The Caterpillar & Work.


MATH ~ Lesson 6, counting to 100 - boy were they excited about this!!


BIBLE ~ Read devotion out of Blessings Everyday.  Copied Memory verse from Sunday School.  Reviewed verses for AWANA.  Read story out of Children's Story Bible.


Even as excited as they were about really drug out.  We didn't get to Science this morning, maybe later, maybe tomorrow!

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  1. Long time no see! I have been trying to be good about computer time lately... but tonight I am taking time to visit my friends' blogs... so, HI!

    We are using FLL too, and loving it! Sounds like you are having a good year so far!



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