Tuesday, September 12, 2006

School ~ Day 22

Ry was a bit out of sorts today, but we plowed on!  We managed to get everything done - but not with out a few tears in the beginning.


PHONICS ~ Lesson 18, review J, K, L.  Letter test - this is something that the book has us doing - I have never thought about it before, but it prepares them for spelling tests in the long run.  They number their paper and I call out a letter and they have to write it - simple huh?  I am treating it just like a spelling test - we do them on review days.  As we get into words, then they should transistion into actual spelling test pretty easy.


MATH ~ Lesson 5, pages C & D; addition with 1.


HISTORY ~ Read Chapter 4 from SOTW, while they colored their color sheets. We located the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx on our little maps and colored them in.  We are going to make a sand pyramid, but we have other things going this afternoon, so we will do that on Friday - it appears that it takes a bit of time.  They made lego pyramids so they would know what the end result will look like on Friday.


FLL ~ Lesson 15 -'Work' by Anonymous - they repeated me several times.

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