Monday, September 11, 2006

School ~ Day 21

PHONICS ~ Lesson 17, the letter 'L', 2 workbook pages;  handwriting practice - writing all of the letters thru L.


FLL ~ Lesson 13, copy the first and last names of family members; Review the poem The Caterpillar.


MATH ~ Lesson 5, pages A & B addition with 1


Here is where we made a change in the day.  I think the timing was right, and maybe the reason things didn't work out last week.  We never made the light hut - I couldn't find all the stuff we needed and Rog had not had time to go with me to find it, just never got done. Our science to day was to plant the seeds in the hut. Since we don't have a hut (and I didn't buy any seeds) we are skipping science today. 


After they finished their work, we went to the den and they pulled out the legos, and I read to them.  Here is the list of books that I pulled today to read while they played:

The Pledge of Allegiance

The Star Spangled Banner

By Dawns Early Light -The Story of the Star Spangled Banner by Steven Kroll

America the Beautiful

Purple Mountains Magjesties- The Story of Katherine Lee Bates and America the Beautiful by Barbara Younger

My Country tis of Thee

The Flag we Love

The Children's Book of America (full of stories and songs)




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