Monday, September 4, 2006

School ~ Day 16

Well, today was a holiday and Rog was off work, so things didn't go as planned, but I am counting today as a school day!


We got up really early - before the sun - and grabbed some breakfast as we were walking out the door.  We loaded up in the Suburban - with the trailer and headed down to an area called Orion - it is a deer camp that Rog belonged to a few years ago. He has recently joined a different one and we had to go pick up his stand from the old one.  When we got there, the kiddos and I went walking in the woods. We found many pine cones - several were still green, and  a bunch of odd bugs!! 


After Rog and his buddy got the stand loaded (the 8 ft. wide stand on the 6 ft. wide trailer -  I am not looking forward to this 2 hour ride!!) we set out to the new camp.  Orion is about an hour southeast from our house, Bell (the new deer camp) is about 2 hours southwest from our house..  It ended up being about another 1 1/2 hours from camp to camp. During this time, we sang along with our phonics and math CD's. I had also packed some crayons/markers/color pencils and their notebooks, so they also spent a lot of time drawing.


Once we were at Bell, and got the stand set up, we went on another walk.  We found lots of cool flowers, several more bugs, a huge green spider, some animal tracks, and some poop.  We decided that the tracks were deer, but we were unsure about the poop - it was too big to be deer. Rog said is was probably coyote. EEK!!  And I thought we may be spending some time camping down there - not now!!


So, that wraps up our Labor Day School Day.  We will spend a bit of extra time this week doing our language, phonics, math, and science that we missed today!


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