Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I was tagged - 5 things about me...

5 Things in my Freezer:

    1. Ice packs

    2. Homemade Ice Cream

    3. Bag of too hot and too spicy chicken patties

    4. Extra bag of sugar

    5. Extra tea-light candles


5 Things in my closet:

   1. Too many purses that I no longer carry

   2. Winter P.J.'s that are about to come out

   3. Some clothes I borrowed from a friend to wear on the cruise

   4. A few Christmas gifts that I have started stockpiling

   5. A light bright - it was a gift for the kids and they already had 1 each.


5 Things in my car:

   1. A large empty coffee can - to collect bugs and such in when we visit

   2. An extra change of clothes for each kid - you just never know when you may need them.

   3. Sunglasses

   4. My magnetic ribbons (that should be on the outside)

   5. Our Mr. Brian CD


5 Things in my Purse (how about backpack - I don't carry a purse):

   1. A book that I am reading

   2. GS stuff from the meeting the other night

   3. A zoo key

   4. An assortment of pens

   5. My wallet


5 Things in my wallet:

   1. Some change

   2. A grocery receipt

   3. A to do list

   4. My drivers liscense

   5. All three of our library cards


5 People I want to tag:

   Anyone who reads this and wants to play!

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