Saturday, August 26, 2006

School ~ Extra Activity

We had a 4~H Project Fair today.  The kiddos didn't enter anything - this year - since we are new to it and I wasn't really sure what to expect. They did have fun and both said they wanted to work on stuff to enter for next year.  Even though they didn't enter anything, they still had fun.


We walked around the 'show room floor', and admired all of the other entries. Then all of the kiddos went upstairs for craft time while the judges did their jobs.


They had a many crafts to do.  The kiddos started out at theWood Painting section. They both have a lovly section of trim that they have nicely painted.  Sis's is sorta a corner piece,  so her's sits up like a nameplate on her part of the table. Ry's on the other hand -- it just a 3 foot section of crown molding - not sure what exactly we are going to do with it.


From there, they went to another room where Miss Courtney was making tree ornament drums.  Both of theirs turned out super cute. 


Then they made a Photo Frame CD ~ Sis' has her name on it - Ry just has an R on his.


Next, there was the Dining Room Ettiquitte (is that right?) where one of the teen leaders taught them some basic manners - most of which all of the kids knew - and then showed them a basic and very detail place setting and let them try their hand at it.


Another of the teen leaders played the piano, and when the judges went over the alloted time and the kids still needed to be entertained -- they played musical chairs to showtunes!!


All in all the kiddos had a blast!  They are both looking forward to making something to enter in the fair next year.



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