Thursday, August 17, 2006

School~ Day 9

School today seemed slow.  I guess I will get it all on paper and see how it looks.


Phonics: Lesson 7, the letter D.  Listened to the story and two workbook pages.

First Language Lessons: Lesson 4, Proper nouns, wrote all of our names.

Math: Lesson 2, pages E&F

Science: Read 2 pages in our botany book.  Went out side and found some moss and some lichens. We also did a paper towel experiment - to see how moss and other nonvascular plants absord their water. I bought some cheap and some expensive paper towels to show them the difference in the absorbancy as well.  There really is a difference...and they used about half the paper towels to prove that!

Art: lines in motion - they drew some pictures of lines in motion.

Bible: Lesson 2 Day 4


It would appear that once I get it all on paper, that is seems we did have a rather busy day.



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