Tuesday, August 15, 2006

School ~ Day 7

Well, we had to play catch-up today, because we didn't accomplish much yesterday. 


Here is what our Tuesday looked like as far as school work. 


Phonics - Lesson 5 -the Letter C; Lesson 6, review letters A, B, & C.  They both did great on the 2 lessons today -- one of them was audio discrimination -- I read them a story and they had a color sheet that went along with the story.  They had to color A's with yellow, B's with blue and C's with red -- they did great with that -- I didn't have to help them at all. They also had a small 'test' on the three letters that they have learned.


Math - Lesson 2, pages C& D.  Right now we are counting and writing numbers to 20 and doing some refreshon place value.


Science - I read a couple of pages from our boatny book and them we went outside and found some leaves with Midribs and talked about them.  They both found one to color for their nature notebook and had to write a sentence about it.


History - We read Chapter 1 from Story of the World, about the first civilization.  They colored a picture of one of the first farmers using one of the first tools.  They also colored on their small blackline map pages 'Mesopotamia' and we colored on our big wall map the few seas that were on their page, so they would know where we were studying.  I have several books in the library basket for go-alongs - It's Disgusting and we Ate It; Mik's Mammoth; One Small Blue Bead; Early Humans; The First Civilisations; Cave Boy; The Sumerians; and Anciet  Mesopotamia.  These are all in our basket that they chose from for bedtime books. I have other go-alongs there as well, and we read through all of them before we start over.


First Langage Lessons - Lesson 3; Common Nouns - mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother, grandfater.. Reviewed Lesson 2 - The Caterpillar.


Home Ec- Lesson 2 - Peeling vegetables -- they peeled potatoes for lunch today and we will work on peeling potatoes, cucumbers and carrots for meals this week.


Art - Lesson 2 -All kinds of lines.  We read about all kinds on lines and we have been taking turns pointing out and spying different kinds of lines.


Bible - Lesson 2, day 1 - Read at breakfast.  Lesson 2, Day 2 will read at Dinner.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having fun!

    I'm looking forward to starting back up full force...although we learn everyday!

    I am doing 100 Easy Lessons with Big D and Easy Grammar with Zac as well as A Beka math but other then that I don't have any set curriculum...we did almost total unschooling last year but really need a little more structure then that! I'll just go as the Lord leads...He certainly knows best! ;)

    Hugz, Mel


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