Friday, August 11, 2006

School ~ Day 5

Today we started with Bible Beginnings Lesson 1 Day 5.  Then we moved on to phonics Lesson 4 - Boy B and what he says.  They took a math test - Their 1st test!  Sis did great, she didn't miss any; Ry missed one... he read the number backwards and made 63 instead of 360.  After the test was over, I showed him what he did and why he missed it.  He did that a couple of times during the lessons, and we discussed what he was doing wrong and he fixed it.  In history, we talked about Archaeologists and what they do.  We weren't able to do our dig - the groud was to dry to till up and bury things, but we did discuss the things they may find and I had some broken pieces that they prentended to find and piece together. We read a few of our go-alongs about archaeologist. We also reviewed The Caterpillar.


Kinda a slow day, but fun!

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