Thursday, August 10, 2006

School ~ Day 4

During breakfast, we did Bible Beginnings Lesson 1, Day 4. Then off to AlphaBet Island Phonics Lesson 3 - learning about Active A and the 2 sounds he  makes. We only worked with one of those today.  Then, we went on to MathUSee - we started Lesson 1, C&D on Tuesday and I realized that there were no page E&F for lesson 1, so I left the last 2 on each page for today - thay both had to build the numbers on their Decimal Street, and that was fun, b.c they didn't really feel like they were 'doing math'.  For Science I re-read page 1-6 from the other day and we discussed the bold words in the book such as botany, biology, and taxonomy.  They remembered pretty well.  First Language Lessons was The Caterpillar by Christina G Rossetti.  We practiced it several times and then they illustrated the poem.  We hung them in the kitchen so we could see them and work on the poem. For Art, we did the introduction lesson in the 'school art text book' and they both did a drawing of Things I like to look at. Sis drew a bush of pink flowers and Ry drew a fire truck.  We also read some more about Picasso. *Still looking for that pic if anyone could help*


We had an extra today -- Rog was home from work and cleaning out his golf bag and found a golf ball that was cracked.  Anyone know what the inside of a golf ball looks like? We do, not as interesting as I thought it would be.  It is just a molded plastic ball covered in the simpled plastic.  The kiddos thought it was cool though!

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