Tuesday, August 8, 2006

School ~ Day 2

We were moving a bit slow today, I guess it is going to take a while to get in the groove...awww...who cares...we will school whenever we get up and around!!  I know that Sis is sure more pleasant when she wakes on her own!


While they were having breakfast, we did our Bible Beginnings.  They got pretty involved in a conversation about our lesson, so I stepped out of the picture and let them discuss.  After they were finished, we went on with lesson 2 of Alphabet Island, and page 1C & 1D of our MathUSee.  We reviewed noun from our First Language Lesson lesson on Sunday. They remembered what it was when I started talking about it. We took a quick stretchy break and then started with History...I read part of the first chapter of Story of the World to them and they colored the Family Tree page. I read them another book called Me & My Family Tree (very cute by the way -- if you are dicussing family trees)!  We cut and colored our time line.  We will add some pics and stuff to it on Fri.  I also printed off the my family pages and we will fill them out this weekend at my niece's bday party.  We also pulled out the books I have about Picasso looked thru them and talked about his works, then we took pencil and paper to the mirror and sketched our portraits.  After they got them sketched, they painted them.  They turned out soo cute and they were so fun!!!


**Need help please:  There is a Picasso piece that is like classic Picasso -- you know -one that you think of immediately when you hear his name -- I cannot find a picture of it ( I think is it Picasso). It is a distorted face with black lines and bright colors (red, yeellow, blue).  Anyone know what I am talking about?

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