Friday, August 25, 2006

School ~ Day 15

School went rather quickly today. I think it was becasue they were anticipating the circus tonight.  The Ringling Bros. Circus is in town and we are taking them tonight, so we paid attention and quietly/quickly did our work.


PHONICS: Lesson 12 Letter H, 2 workbook pages.

FLL: Lesson 9 ~ Picture narration -we will be doing this lesson over again this next week.

MATH: Lesson 3 test - both did great on this!!

HISTORY: We made the King of Upper Egypts white crown and we also made a small Nile river to flood and water our crops (of grass seeds) each week.  I don't think it turned out quite the way the Susan had planned in the Sotry of the World book, but I think it will do to serve the purpose for us.

HEALT & NUTRITION: We worked on the dairy part of our pyramid. Don't ask - we are not going on order for some reason - maybe it is because we are going by the old one and it doesn't matter anyways!!

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