Monday, August 21, 2006

School ~ Day 11

Once the kiddos woke up, we had breakfast and then made a "we don't have to go to school" cake.  While the cake was baking, we started school.


PHONICS: Lesson 9, and part of 10, learning the letter F and reviewing D,E,F

FIRST LANGUAGE LESSONS: Lesson 6, reviewed The Caterpillar; discussed special names that are proper nouns that are given to our grandparents.  The also told me who their grandparents were - their mother's/father's mother or father.  I am still trying to get them to tell me these things in complete sentences -- with out being reminded.

MATH: Lesson 3, A&B Unit Bars.

SCIENCE: Reviewed nonvascular and vascular plants and started talking about seed homes.  We had to finish up a project from last week, so we will complete the seed home lesson on Thurs.

BIBLE:  Week 3; Day 1

HOME EC: The Toaster - we talked about some toasted safety today, and they will make thier own breakfast - cinnamon toast in the morning - with supervision of course!!

ART: Read/looked through our Picasso books - we will be able to go to a Picasso exhibit sometime this next week or so!


That wraps up our school day - now off to catchup on the house!!

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