Friday, August 18, 2006

School ~ Day 10

Well, everyone around here was tired today, so we go a late start this morning...but we accomplished what I had planned ( and more!! - my house is clean!!)


PHONICS: Lesson 8; the letter e, 2 workbook pages, a game with their letters and we listened to the CD.

FIRST LANGUAGE LESSONS: Lesson 5; narriation - I read them a short The Turtle and the Rabbit story, then they narrated back to me what the story was about. Sis was short and to the point, but Ry went into pretty good detail about the story.

MATH: Lesson 2 Test ... both did ok on it - they could have done much better!

HISTORY: Cave Painting - I taped some butcher paper up underneath the school table while they were flipping through some of the books we have with cave pics in them .  They both picked out a pic to do and the colors they thought they would need and they dove under the table and started painting.

BIBLE: Lesson 2, day 5.

HEALTH: We added some bread & grains to the bottom of our food pyramid.

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