Thursday, August 3, 2006

Cloverbud Camp Day

Sis and Ry had CloverBud Camp today with their 4H group.  I dropped them off (something I NEVER do!!) and left them for the day -- it was from 9:30-2:00.  I got back to pick them up about 1:45 and they were in the pool- playing basketball with help from the teens -- and lovin the attention -- they were 2 of about 6 kids that showed up today.


When we got home, they told me all that they got to make - lots of crafty things, and the them was STOP = Stop Trashing Our Planet, so they used all kinds of 'trash' to make some really cool things. Here is what they came home with:

*A volcano - made from recycled water bottles and newspaper. (ready for me to let them paint and explode out of).

* Bubbles on a string - the container is a film canister, with a tiny hole cut in the top and a wire made into a bubble loop and hotglued on with a pony bead.

*A Beautiful (or cool for Ry -- nothing he has is beautiful - always cool!!) Butterfly - made from a clothes pin and coffee filter.

* A (not so) lovely door hanger - made out of a crushed soda can glued on a wooden hanger and painted.


They also made pudding dirt cups and lunch on a stick --meat and cheese cubes and fruit pieces!  From there they got to swim.


ALSO -- the local Noon news was "Live on Location" with the 4H CloverBuds and they were on TV!!!!!! My daddy taped it for me and I have had a couple of people call me and tell me they saw them!!


Here is the clip from the website --  I can't find any pictures/footage or a story.


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