Saturday, May 20, 2006

What a rough few days

Let me start by saying that I am glad I posted a Happy Mother's Day to all my friends on Saturday night -- because I didn't get out of bed on Sunday -- I felt soo blah -- it was the beginning of an early summer cold.  I am almost over it now!

Monday our internet was on the blink -- I called the people to come out and of course it was working when he got here -- he did mess with a bit of it and got better signal, then as soon as he left, it went out again. So, I called Comcast again, the new guy told me that there were several in the area out, but not enough to consider an outage, and he walked me thru a million things to do -- the same million things I tried earlier with my first call --Imagine my suprise when it still didn't work.  He had to cancel my first order and reput the info in. He told me someone would be here before 5.  At 7, I called and still yet another guy walked me thru the million things to do --and it worked... 

Tuesday Rog was home from work (like he was much of the week ) and we took the kiddos to the local park to the BMX Track - Ry wanted to go -even though he has only been riding w/o training wheels for a couple of weeks, he still wanted to try it --WELL - he could move right along on the track and he had a BLAST!!!!!! Sis didn't care for it too much, but it was a little hard with training wheels! We are planning to take him Sunday to watch them race.

Wednesday, we did absolutely nothing!! and I loved it!

Thursday the kiddos had an eye check up (all is well!!) and we went and ran a few errands.

Friday, I sent the kiddos out the back door for the day and I deep cleaned (well, started to anyways) I got the family room, the kitchen and the dining room complete and I started on the main bath -- then Rog came home, sooo you know how that goes!!

So, that leads us to today.  My MIL and my nephew (commonly called MonkeyDo - as in Monkey See Monkey Do - he is 2 1/2)(that I keep so much he calls me momma -and trust me - I deserve it so much more than his biological mother) they took me out to eat today for a Happy Mother's Day lunch (we were both busy last weekend, so today worked out fine). We got home and the kiddos have a bit of quite time while I searched for something on the computer - we are making a Camping Diorama -from -but we are following our own rules and coloring and cutting the parts instead of cutting them from colored paper or cloth. We have almost all the pieces cut (they are each making their own) and then we are going to paint the background and let it dry while we eat some dinner and then it will be ready to put together!!

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