Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Laughing til we cried!!!

OK, soooo we are out today doing our errands - Samantha and Riley are in the way back and MonkeyDo (my nephew) is in the center row of the van.  I am sitting at a yeild sign in an area that is under construction. Well, in the process they have made the exit ramp super short (keep in mind that we are in Arkansas and we are way behind times)....this construction is being done to get the access (frontage) roads one-way along with the freeway.  I am sitting turned half around looking behind me at the cars coming off the freeway and when I see a free space, I gun it and go.  As I did that, I heard a . I look up in my review to see what it was and all I saw was Samantha's feet!!!
We have a Dodge Grand Caravan with stow and go seating and another really nice feature called tailgate seating -- where you don't 'stow' the seats, you flip them down and can sit on the back of the seat and lean against the actual seat part. We have used it a few times and it is pretty cool.  It would appear that the last time it was used, it wasn't latched back down completely and so when I sped up quickly, it flipped the seat to tailgate.
Samantha hollars 'Moma I am upside down!!'  I told her to be still, and I pulled over immediately, when I got to the trunk part of the van. she was standing back there. I think she thought she was about to get in trouble, she said 'I don't know how that happened Moma!' I got her out, and got the seat fixed and told her she could get back in the car -- she chose to sit in the center row for the rest of the day.
When it first happened, it scared me, because I didn't know what had happened or if she was hurt, but once it was over, we just cracked up about it.. I couldn't even tell Rog what happened from laughing so hard. I asked her several times if she was hurt.  Rog asked her if it was fun, she said that is was funny now, but when it happened, she almost cried.
When I was telling my cousin about it, she said -- did you laugh as hard as we did the day Riley ran into the pole?  So, since I am here, and I told a Samantha funny, if you want to, you can sit through a Riley funny as well.
My cousin (Mel) and her son came over one Saturday afternoon (in the torrential rainstorms that we had several weeks ago) and we decided to go to Lone Star for some lunch. Let me tell you, if she had not been with me, we would not have gone out it this rainstorm, if fact, we shouldn't have been out in it even together, but we did...So, we park the van and I open the door so the kids can all start piling out. She takes off with the kiddos running towards the building while I am shutting and locking the door.  Well, they were all running, trying to stay dry and looking down and Riley looked up just in time to not see the pole that he smacked into.  Had he not had a ball cap on, I don't know what would have happened, but he hit at just the right angle that the pole caught the bill of the hat.  It knocked him off balance, but not to the ground. When we got in and seated, we checked his head, and there was a thin red mark the perfect shape of the bill of the hat. Mel laughed until she cried!

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