Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Today  was another lazy day, although we did get more done that yesterday!  The kiddos spent the night with gramma, and so when Uncle R brought them home this morning, he left Mas, their cousin, here to play with them. They wanted to go out, even as hot as it was out,that is what they did most of the morning. After Mas left, they had lunch and went to quiet time with no fuss! During quiet time, I got to enjoy another nice chat with the CHC ladies and our Help Meet study group. Sam woke up wanting to do school work, so I started her on math, Ry came in there and said....I guess I will do my math too.....using a tone that made him sound like he could think of other things he would rather be was to funny.  So, we did math, Sam kept on going in her math and did 2 lessons, Ry chose to move on to 100 Ez lessons. Then time came for dinner.....I started dinner, then we all sat down to play My Little Pony Memory, while we were playing that Rog finished up dinner. 

All in all it was a great day, lazy and slow, but those are the kind I like!!!


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