Saturday, January 4, 2014

These are the words we say...

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As I looked back through our lesson plans to see what all we had accomplished when it came to the 'Words' category, it seemed we had several things to fall under this heading.

The curriculum we are using this year is World of Adventure and it has Language Arts broke down into all of the areas - to cover them all!  Within this curriculum we have Bible reading, vocab, spelling, writing, grammar, free read and assigned read-aloud.  This has been great having it all in one. Bible, free read and read aloud is assigned every day.  The grammar, writing, spelling, vocab are spread out several times throughout the week - working together with each other and the reading.

In addition to the curriculum, we have used English Grammar 101 - just one lesson a day - done on the computer.  They haven't complained about having to do this because it just takes a few minutes to do.  We haven't done this in a while, so we may pick this back up this next week.

Reading has been a huge add in our curriculum this year.  In addition to what's included in the World of Adventure, we have been part of a Shakespeare reading group - the kiddos did Pygmailion this last semester and we just signed up to read MidSummers Night Dream this next semester.  They were also part of a Classics for Teens reading club with the library.  They have read and discussed one classic a month since early last year.  We will be continuing with that this next semester as well.  

For creative writing, they each have a blog and I encourage them to blog whenever they want - but I also have assigned them a started sentence or topic and have them blog that - been a while since we have done that - need to start that back up again!  Oh, and Rog's cousin is currently in San Antonio at basic - we have been writing him also.

Finally, one of the last things we have recently started doing - has a word of the day - they are supposed to find out what it is and use it in a sentence sometime during the day.  
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  1. My kids have been involved with book clubs, too---I've found it to be great way for them to talk with other kids about the books they are reading. Thank you for sharing!


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