Thursday, September 26, 2013

SchoolHouse Review: VideoText Interactive: Complete Algebra

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Math is always a touchy subject around here.  We have used several different boxed type programs as well as a few workbook types programs to target a specific area.  I think we have come upon a complete course that will work for us, and if I understand correctly, it can be used for a good part of our high school credit.  VideoText Interactive has a couple of courses they offer for high school levels.  We are using Algebra: A Complete Course.  

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One of the reasons I like Algebra: A Complete Course is because it isn't really broken down into PreAlgebra, Algebra I and Algebra II. It is just Algebra.  It is complete from the beginning of learning this area of math - starting with the basics of terminology.   Throughout the 10 Units, there are 176 lessons.  These lessons are broken down into 3-5 assignments per lesson - viewing, odd problems, quiz A, even problems, quiz B.  At the end of each unit, there are unit test.  

The program works by showing a 8-10 minute video about the concept they are working on.  We spend one day watching the video, with me asking a few questions to make sure they are understanding the concept.  The next day we do the lesson worksheet that corresponds with what has been taught.  I have been making sure they understand what they are doing and if they need my help during this part, I work through it with them.  After that, we do quiz A - I encourage them to give this a try on their own.  Evens on the following day and quiz B on the final day.  They do these final two alone.  They do have the option to re-watch the video and there are also notes/examples on their page that they can refer back to if needed. They have been doing ok with this.  The times we have had a struggle, instead of walking them through it, I encourage them to refer back to their video and notes.  (mainly because it won't be long until it's over my head and *I* will need to refer back to the videos!!). There are a few other different 1, 2, and 3 year plans that give a few other options to get through the years.

One of the things I have enjoyed most about this so far is the page that is included for THEM to keep up with their work and scores.  By doing this, we have also had a lesson in figuring percentages.  The kiddos are responsible for grading their papers (as I call out the answers) and then figuring their own grades and recording it.  This is one of the first pages that is in our high school notebook. 

Complete Algebra Modules A-F is available for two kiddos from VideoText Interactive for $299.00, or available as individual modules as well.  The Complete Algebra is designed for students in grades 8 and up.  For more reviews, check out the rest of the Crew...


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  1. You wrote this review in 2013. It is now 2016 and I am wondering if you stuck with this program and have any insight about it today. Was it successful for your students?

  2. We complete algebra with this program - my kiddos were fairly successful with this.


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