Sunday, January 6, 2013

Playing with Words: The Language Arts

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Language Arts always baffle me.  There are so many aspects to it, that I am never sure which way to go.  I seem to flip around quite a bit with this one, but I am feeling pretty confident in what I am going with this spring semester.  

Spelling - I have been using School House Teachers (great website!!) and their dailies for spelling, but I am going to switch to using Eagle's Wings Comprehensive Book  and give that a try.  I am switching for two reasons - one, I am not on my computer much, and School House Teachers is & two, I am using this for Writing as well, so it just seems to work - for now!

Writing - Eagle's Wing book mentioned above has several pages of creative writing prompts and ideas, from poetry to letter writing.  In addition to this, they will blog daily as well.  If they cannot come up with a topic to blog about, the I give them one.  They can blog their writing assignment, but they still have to do another blog - it doesn't count for double!

Vocabulary - I am going to start using a book called Painless Vocabulary, and then if we get through that - when we get through that, switch to a SAT Hot Words book I have and we will work out of that.  I used Painless Grammar back a few years ago and I liked it, so I think I will like Painless Vocabulary also.

Grammar - We will be using English Grammar Online 101 - we are starting with their free lessons and see how that goes and how long that lasts.  Not sure where I am going after this.

Reading - this is where I am stuck for now.  We will be doing a Shakespeare group, reading Hamlet aloud, and they both have a part.  We are meeting once a week, but I know they need more reading.  Besides just encouraging them to read - and maybe using the book report ideas from Eagle's Wings, I'm not sure what to do.  Maybe this blog fair will give me some ideas.

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  1. interesting to see what others are doing as part of the VCF.

    Good to read through your post. :)

  2. Stoppping by from VCF and fellow Crew member! For reading we do tons of read-alouds and use the lists from SL, VP, MP and Bethleham books- so many great reads ; )!

  3. I didn't realize Eagle's Wings had all of that, thanks for letting us know!

  4. Eagles Wings for spelling looks interesting. I'm going to have to take a peek ;) Thank you for sharing.


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