Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exploring Our World

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Social studies is such a broad term... how do you fit it all in?  For us, we decided what was most important and went that route with things!  We started in first grade with Story of the World.  It is a 4 year history rotation that takes us from beginning of time until now.  When we finished up the 4th volume, we started All American History, which is a two year American rotation.  Once we finish that up, we will start over and that should take them thru 12th grade.  I chose to go this route because SotW and AAH both incorporate one thing that I think is a very important skill ~ MAPS! We have also (when they were younger) worked our way through map workbooks.
My dilemma now, as we are approaching the end of the 2nd year of AAH, is do we start over with Story of the World? Or do we switch to Mystery of History?  I really like SotW, and I know that during this next rotation, we would dig deeper into things, but I know MoH incorporates much more Bible than SotW.  So, I am currently torn on these two items ~ if you have an opinion on either one, please feel free to share!!

Another thing that is important in the exploring our world area of homeschooling is real life/hands on exploring the world.  We are very involved in the community we live in.  Roger is very active in the fire department and the kiddos have grown up knowing what it means to be a part of the fire department - what it means to help someone out.  We are active in our church, which does some outreach to the neighborhood children.  And finally, we are very involved in scouting - which has taught them both a lot about exploring their world!

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